Handcrafting a Sanctuary for Your Soul

I bring together women to find inner peace to generate focus, energy and insight so they can get more satisfaction out of their relationship, work, or time. Through the medium of my photography.

The Art of My Photography

Having my camera with me most of the time allows me to capture moments that are one-in-million. At least this is how I feel when I’m inspired by a flower, landscapes, strange shapes or a simple smile of a child. All around me there are opportunities to create the art of photography and I never really know what subject is going to twitter pate me or when it will happen. But I can feel it run through me like a bolt of lightning, almost.
Once I have cued in on my subject, I bring my camera up to my eyes, look through the view finder and at that moment it’s my art and I make the subject mine. This is where I begin my art of photography. If possible I shoot many different shots at different angles and exposures and maybe add filters. There are tricks to the trade.
I process all my own photographs by using Photoshop and Topaz. When I load my photograph onto these programs, I’m loading them onto my artist’s pallet. From there I can add, change, crop, enhance, and make the art of photography my interpretation using these tools.
Photography brings me great joy. I create in the hopes that others will feel inspired by my photography.

My ultimate goal is to help you use one of my limited prints to create something more for yourself. To not only find but to create a space for yourself. A place of self renewal. A Sanctuary for Your Soul, even if it’s only for 30 minutes at a time or whenever you can snag it. You can give yourself permission to do so because your mental health is begging you to!
Debbie L. Lind 

Where can this take you?