Having a Staycation?

Dear Picture Taker,

Take photos of your spring vacation even it's at home. Wait, that's not much fun but it can be.  Spring vacation is making its rounds. Like normal it's usually cold and not very inviting, but I guess it depends on where you live, where you go and who you are with. The goal of any vacation is to have fun and relax, meet new people or avoid people and maybe gather with friends and family. Where is that vacation spot? What kind of vacation is staying home? I believe it's called a 'staycation'. With gas prices going up, home is a short drive for vacation.

 If having a staycation sounds like your only choice, our home is where the heart is, right? How can home be more like a staycation? Have you thought to plan a week of special dinners, choose your favorite movies, invite friends over for a BBQ, play board games? What do you know about the town you live in? Find a history center to visit. Have you ever been to the local library? It's a sure bet you can find a book that would take you somewhere even if it's in your imagination. Check your local newspaper and see if there are any events taking place. There could be an art show, a concert by local musicians, or a museum that you never thought to visit. With coats on and keeping warm with a heater outside or a small fire to roast marshmallows is almost like camping, but you get to crawl in your own cozy, warm bed when you're done. During this activity eyes can look at the night's sky. Look up at space and marvel at its WOW POWER! 

Have a family meeting and give everyone a chance to share what they would like to do that they never really have done before. Take pictures of these events everyone participates in and put them in your family album and have memories of your 'staycation'. This will be a treasure to look back on later in life as time moves forward and the kids have grown up.

On your staycation visit your library and get a library card if you don't already have one. It will take you places :)

Wallowa Public Library

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