Sir Isaac Newton, Color, Self Renewal

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What did Sir Isaac Newton do for our world of color? What is your definition of  adding color to your life? Is it surrounding yourself with your favorite color? What is my favorite color? I didn’t recognize it forever but as my wardrobe started forming as an adult, my coffee mugs and water bottles added up in the color of teal, and painting my kitchen teal, guess what my favorite color is...

Is adding color to your life doing something fun and different? How many want to go sky diving or swim with the dolphins or for more of a big splash of color swim with sharks. Adding color to your life is also adding joy. 

Defining the meaning of color just isn’t a box of Crayola color crayons, but behind each color there is a science, a story for each one. What does each color mean? Wow, that thought makes me think of the cereal Lucky Charms, M&Ms, Skittles, Gummy Bears, Fruit Loops and of course rainbows. I could bury my brain or go fruit loops trying to understand the meaning or theory of COLOR. But this is something I want to share with you in a simple way, this is how my brain works. I’ve enlightened myself with research on color. 

How does color work on us as adults? I’m sure there’s studies on how color works on children and animals, but I think that’s another story. Color gives us an emotional reaction. Most of the time it is a good outcome. I'm sure painting a room black may make you feel different than maybe painting it blue or green. 

When do you think the color wheel was invented and who invented it? I had not given this much thought until I wanted to talk to you about color find out these couple of facts on the history of the color wheel. In 1666 Sir Isaac Newton invented the color wheel. 

I think it was almost by accident Newton discovered the color wheel. He was studying white light reflecting off prisms. This revelation lead him to study color as light reflexed an array of rainbow colors from the prisms. One study caused something magical to happen unexpectedly. It’s almost like messing up on a recipe and creating a new family favorite. Remembering not to make my blog a term paper, Newton felt there was something special within the spectrum of these colors. He took to studying this further with hues and gave a musical note to each one to feel their harmony. He then arranged the hues in a square and then on a rotating disk. The color wheel was born. 

square newtons color square

I do not take the process of color lightly. Color influences our lives, sometimes without even thinking about it. Like our stop lights. If we don’t stop at a red light, there will be trouble. A ticket or an accident and we don’t want either so we stop. Who thought what color stoplights should be? I don’t know but I bet there was a scientific study to determine this. Big decisions are made on what color to paint in our home and the exterior of our house. This tells us what color our furniture needs to be and accents. Our fashion colors tells us what color shoes to buy. I could share more examples of how color influences us, but I’m sure you understand what I’m saying. Color also effects our mental health and wellbeing.

Imagine, for example, being in a room that was painted red vs a room that was painted blue. Would you feel different in each room? Color expresses how we want to feel emotionally like happy, content, renewed, calm, excited. Did I leave any out? Who would think that adding color to our lives would make such a difference. The walls we live in, the clothes we wear, nature's brush of color, flowers, the color of eyes and the lists can go on and on. This is a beautiful list. I'd like my name on this list. 

Behold light

Behold color

Behold life 


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