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Extinction of Point and Shoot Cameras NO WAY, Really,? YES WAY

What? No More Point and Shoot Cameras! Where Have I Been

Did you see this coming? I didn’t. Photography will not be left behind in the technology world. I stumbled upon an article about no more point and shoot cameras were being made, it shocked me. What? Why? Where have I been. Again, I never gave them a thought that they’d die too. Then they brought up the phones with cameras that are getting better and better quality and so convenient no one is buying point and shoot cameras anymore. A camera on your phone? Who ever thought of this idea? Whoever it was, they were a genius among phone makers. Not so much for the camera industry. 

Strange…A phone with a camera

Strange to think that what once was is no more because technology has now combined a phone with a camera and so much more. It’s almost like going from horses to cars. My first cell phone didn’t have a camera. Yea, I noticed and it took awhile for me to catch on to this new stuff when all I wanted to do was to call people or people to call me. When buying my second cell phone, I didn’t even want a phone that took photos but had to as flip phones only came that way. Using it as a camera did not WOW me. Photos were pretty crappy and difficult to get off the camera onto the computer.

What was your first point and shoot camera? Was it with film or an SD card? Or you started with a camera on your phone?

Mine was a 110 Kodak pocket camera given to me as a birthday gift when I was 15. It was a film camera. The latest in technology. Well, while I was progressing to bigger and better cameras while also advancing as a photographer over the years, I was making history. Really? I was using pre historic cameras before they too became extinct like the dinosaurs. This may be a stretch but I never thought of myself as living history. I know more than just the phone has changed. Boggles my mind.

Whoa, Nelly! I now have an Apple iPhone

I Went From Hello to Say Cheese 

I've had my Apple iPhone for about two years now. I love it and the camera is handy to snap pictures. It's more than a phone, it's a computer in your pocket. Good, bad, or ugly. Cell phones have made leaps and bounds and keep leaping. It's almost like living the cartoon called the JETSONS I watched as a kid. Can’t imagine what they’ll look like in 20 years. Anyway, the technology that has been discovered allowing you and me to navigate what’s going on in the world is magical. Good, bad or ugly, it’s there for you to read anytime anywhere you are. Wild, isn't it?

 I'm a Rebel

I just kept looking ahead at the newest cameras and when digital cameras were emerging in the market, it was a WOW moment for me. When would I buy a DSLR, NEVER. But eventually I said goodbye to my Olympus OM1n film camera and purchased my first Canon Rebel. I’ve never looked back. There was a learning curve but as I practiced and read the directions I've got the hang of it, pretty much. I love the control I have using a digital camera and processing my photographs myself. 

Feeling sad, getting old but not how you think

 Sad, as the art of film cameras could become a lost craft  like the glass plate negatives of earlier times. I never ever gave it a thought that film cameras would die. I hear film cameras are making a comeback. I hope so. So are vinyl records. The young see the value of old. Me old, and part of that living history. I do have value being old. It’s ok that I’m getting old. That’s the circle of life, right, if we’re lucky to live to be old. Moving on…

 Regardless, in my opinion

 How often do you use your phone camera? 

 I will say, in my opinion, phone cameras will never totally replace a real camera. Remember, this is my opinion. Have I tried all of them, no. Convenience, snap shots, yes, very handy. I use my phone camera for all of these reasons and an occasional landscape when I didn’t bring my Canon, but when I want to capture a serious photograph, it’s my Canon Rebel T6 that I will use. I might add, though it is easier to take selfies with your phone, how many people have died taking selfies with a real camera? Just a question that I haven’t done any research on, but sure have heard of selfies gone wrong with a phone camera.

 Are your pictures trapped in your phone?

 Now that you use your phone for a point and shoot camera, how many photos have you printed and put in your scrap book or box of memories? My daughter reminded me some time ago that now she has hundreds of photos on her phone and very few printed. She said at least with print film you’d have 24 or 36 photos printed and saved for a lifetime. To discover in a box or album someday and remember the sweet memories. And OMG, what if you lose your phone and all those memories? Has this already happened to you? Maybe this link below will help get photos off your iphone.


Losing your phone, losing your pictures

To lose your phone or have it die is devastating. Am I right? I’ve never lost my Canon but I sure have lost my phone, dropped my phone, lost data on my phone but love my phone. A love hate relationship with my phone. I will admit that I've accidently, but rarely, have deleted photos while loading them on my computer. Something happens and POOF, no more photos. That's never good. But the bottom line is the cell phone is convenient for taking pictures, but I’ll always choose my Canon T6 DSLR to take a photograph. 

Having fun with any camera

Recording memories and history is what having a camera is all about. Using it and its convivence has never been easier. Your phone, your point and shoot camera, is so handy, why not have fun with it. The stopping of making any more actual point and shoot cameras was such a silent killer to me, but if we aren't buying them anymore, they're a dead deal.

Below are photographs I've taken with my Canon Rebel T6?

Wish I had some from my 110 Kodak pocket camera to share but they're in storage.

Fall Leaves

Fall is here

over the rainbow

Over the Rainbow

Mr. T

Mr. T

lady bug goes on vacation

Ladybug Goes On Vacation

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