Finding the Key To Unlock Your Brain Strain to Brain Breather

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Viewing ART...It's pleasing to your eyes that touches your heart. Art connects your emotions and brings contentment to self renewal. Art in your home, in a special space, can help restore you from your stressful day at work. One may not give much credit to what art does to your mind, body and soul. Especially if you're a number person. Art is a past time, but a past time that enriches the mind, body, and soul of the artist and the mind, body, and soul of the person who views it. The artist, if brave enough to feel naked, lets their artwork go by releasing it out into the world to be judged by you. You like it or not. You understand it or not. Your feelings about an art piece positive or negative is ok. Not everyone likes to eat cooked spinach.

maui sunset

Lani Maui Sunset by Debbie L Lind, Photoartisan

You have your own interpretation of the artist's art and it may be completely different from where the artist heart and soul came from. This is acceptable. Let someone else's art tell your story. Let it speak to you. Let it be personnel. For me as an artist, it thrills me when someone shares how my photograph speaks to him or her. 

Finding the key to unlock your brain strain to brain breather just may be by viewing art. Have you walked through an artist's gallery? Experiment, walk into an art gallery and take your time. How do you feel before you enter and how do you feel afterwards. Which art piece talked to you the most? Do you want to buy that one piece that spoke to you or tells your story?

Do you prize an art piece that may hang on your wall at home or in your office? If you do, for fun, take it down. Does it feel different in your room? Do you feel different being in the room with the art piece not in place? Many studies have been done on how art helps improve our mental health whether creating it or viewing it. Who's been in a hospital or care center? Art is hanging everywhere for your viewing and the patients'. It's not just filling up wall space. To learn more click on the link below.

Art and How Our Brain Reacts To It

Can you grind to a halt your work day when you get home? Tell me, who can do this and how can they do this? Have you considered what your stressful day at work does to your mental and physical health?

When you get home, where do you find the space to breathe in, breathe out from the deadlines sitting on your desk, projects to be organized, meetings to attend and the demands on your time while the clocks ticks towards 5:00pm? Have you given a thought to gifting yourself TLC by Handcrafting a Sanctuary for Your soul? You may say, what does she mean by this? As a professional woman, you build layers of anxiety throughout your day, so it’s designing a space when you return home to claim as your own where you can retreat and focus on rejuvenation. Give yourself some tender loving care.

My FREE 17 Secret Simple Steps will guide you with ease on handcrafting your room for restoration. For example, Step 1 is using a journal to note the innovative ways to create your special space. Lay your groundwork for the Sanctuary for Your Soul and click on link below.

FREE 17 Secret Simple Steps to Handcraft A Sanctuary For Your Soul

WallArt for WellBeing,


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