GROWISER stands for Grande Ronde Overlook Wildflower Institute Worth a Visit

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If you ever have time to visit GROWISER, it is definitely worth your time, but don't be in a hurry and for sure take your camera. You can learn more by going to 


A few members from my Wallowa Valley Photo Club took a field trip to  GROWISER in early spring. With the late rains we had in 2022, I'm told it was the best in the last 10 years for wild flowers. The season for the Lady Slipper was a little late in producing because of the late spring rain. So, we didn't see any. Darn! There are crystals, spheres, and special places to sit and enjoy Mother Nature's view of wild flowers, mountain, sky and of course a peaceful contribution to your day.

I'm sharing some of the photos I took of GROWISER.

pink flower


lupin purple patch

yellow and red indian paintbrush

purple flower

A nice little hike for a beautiful view.

WallArt for WellBeing



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