Hibiscus 785 and Andy Warhol

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Dear Picture Taker,


 Me and Andy Warhol, Who?


What have I been doing lately as a photographer? On my trip to Maui this winter I took many photographs. One subject I photographed was a hibiscus. Large, colorful Hawaiian flowers that say Aloha!!!  After viewing my photos, I picked out a hibiscus I wanted to do something different with.


When you take a picture, you are the owner and creator of what happens to it next. This not only includes the basic steps in getting a good photo but making sure it is focused, has good composition, and the correct exposure. Now you have an artist freedom to be WOWED as it is  or to make it more WOW, by stretching yourself in good faith as an artist.


I came across some work by Andy Warhol. Who is he? I say look him up but he took his paintings of real, everyday items like a Brillo box and Campbell soup cans and painted them on canvas. There is much more to it than that but this was his brilliant artistic freedom. Why do I mention him? I was inspired by his work to do some Andy artistic freedom myself. It all started with Hibiscus 785. I started changing the color of my Hibiscus 785 from its beautiful color of yellow. Then put Hibiscus 785 on colored backgrounds. All inspired by Andy Warhol. I put in many hours trying to design my photo to make it look like I didn't just slapped it together hither and thither. I'm not sure if I'm still satisfied with my story of Hibiscus 785 but you can let me know what you think. I'd be interested in your feedback, but please be kind.  I can see me getting obsessed with Hibiscus 785 and I can see sharing it with you when I come up with another design using Hibiscus 785.


These are my inspirations by Andy to do something different with Hibiscus 785 A, B, C, D. There may need to be an E version but the verdict is still out on that. I'm showing below my Hibiscus 'Before', my first Andy project and then what I decided on with my four panel debut of my Hibiscus 785 A, B, C, D


I just want to know that if you want a cat to be blue or the sky to be pink, do it. You're the artist. Have fun. If you're the only one that likes it, that's all that matters.


I'd love to hear feedback from you about my Andy project. Be brave and feel the freedom of your art.


1, 2, 3, say hi,



Original Hibiscus flower I photographed

Original Hibiscus Flower


First Andy project

Hibiscus 785 First Andy Project


4 Panel Andy Project

Hibiscus 785 A

Hibiscus 785 A



Hibiscus 785 B

Hibiscus 785 B


Hibiscus 785 C

Hibiscus 785 C


Hibiscus 785 D

Hibiscus 785 D






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