How Can a Room Love You Back and Help Restore Your Wellbeing?

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How a Sanctuary for Your Soul love you back?

  • A Sanctuary for Your Soul will be your best friend.
  •   You may say you don’t have the time or money, but I’m giving you FREE My Secret 17 Simple Steps to revitalize your space without knocking down a wall. Choose all the steps or only the ones that appeal to you. I can help you with step number 5. Choosing wall art.
  • Shop conveniently from your home on my website D.Lind, Photoartisan’s website com  and please email me with any questions
  •  Choice of, not limited to, fine art photographs of landscapes and flowers. If you have other ideas in mind for wall art, I have more selections not on my website.
  •  Your purchase will be of high quality, limited edition fine art photographs to your specifications.
  •  Choose one large statement piece or a collection of smaller sizes depending on your room design and mood you want to convey.
  •  Choose your artwork to be printed on canvas, metal, acrylic and your chosen piece is ready to hang when delivered.
  •  Photographs are processed by me with over 10 years’ experience.
  •  100% satisfaction guarantee on your wall art because I want you to be sure you're happy with your purchase.
  •  Personal, free consulting from me to help choose what wall art you are looking for to handcraft your Sanctuary for Your Soul.
  •  Free shipping is my way to thank you for purchasing my artwork.
  •   You’ll receive free from me, My Secret 17 Simple Steps to handcraft your own Sanctuary for Your Soul. You may contact me for ideas at

 Fill out the form below with your name and email address and please request you want to receive a free copy of My Secret 17 Simple Steps to handcraft your Sanctuary for Your Soul.

 Sailing Away in room


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