Mental Health and Your Cup Of Coffee

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Mental health and your morning cup of coffee

 Take 1 minute, Take 15 Minutes, Take 30 minutes for self renewal.

 If you’re a true blue coffee drinker, I feel you almost have a sweet romance with the coffee bean. It’s one of your first thoughts after the alarm goes off in the morning. It’s the motivation to shake yourself from the warm, cozy comfort of your bed. In your pre cup of coffee mood, you quietly greet the coffeemaker like a lover, and find your favorite bean to grind or favorite ground coffee. Almost like foreplay, you grind the beans or scoop the right of amount of coffee into the filter and the aroma of the beans wafts up to your nostrils and you breathe in the anticipation of what will happen next. By pouring clear, fresh water into your coffee machine, the recipe for your magical brew is almost complete. You push the on button and almost immediately, the coffee maker starts to drip into the carafe. The aroma of brewing coffee is filtering throughout the kitchen. Choosing your mug, you anticipate the warmth of it in the comfort of your hands. Finally, the last drop has dripped. As you pour your fresh brewed java into the mug, there’s a sensation starting to grow warm inside you. Whether you like it black or with the greatest flavors of Cremer, or just adding cream, feeling the warm mug against your lips, inhaling the scent of the bean, sipping your first drink, feeling the juice of the bean gently slide down your throat, OMG! It’s almost like having the big ‘O’. Am I right? Did that take 15 minutes for self-renewal? You have restored your mind, body, soul, and spirit at least until 3:00pm.

 Now, if you get your cup of coffee at Starbucks or your local coffee shop, there is still a romance but a different dance. It may be a promise you give yourself to get you out of bed and to save you time on the way to work, but you still have to wait in line, maybe 7 cars deep or stand in line that goes out entrance door to get your cup of Joe. As you wait in line, the aroma of the bean reaches you, you hear the others’ coffee orders as you rehearse your brand in your thoughts while waiting to tell the speaker box or the barista across the counter and maybe you’ll also get the lemon bread. You finally get your chance to get your cup of long awaited brew. The big ‘O’ will still be self renewal and this is the goal at the moment. 

 What do coffee and you have in common? As you anticipate your cup of java to charge you up in the morning for your mind, body, soul and spirit, in coming home you need to rejuvenate your mind, body, soul, and spirit to melt away your eight hour day but how? What can you do for 1 minute, 15 minutes or 30 minutes to rejuvenate? No coffee, no alcohol needed but maybe a bite or two of decadent chocolate. Do you have a space where there are no phones to answer, no computers to look at, no demands from others , and no noise from the drum at work. Do you have a space where your room loves you back with color, artwork, music, cozy chair, plants, and a couch with pillows? I have researched ways to design a Sanctuary for Your Soul using my FREE 17 Secret Simple Steps to handcraft a space for you to let your hair down. No dancing on tables or regrets in the morning. You can use all the steps or just the steps you like best. Will it be like making coffee, yes, but the results will last longer. Investing in yourself for 15 minutes or as long as you need to rejuvenate will be healthier and last longer than your cup of Joe. You can tell Joe you’ll see him in the morning.

FREE 17 Secret Simple Steps to Handcraft A Sanctuary For Your Soul


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