Photographing the Incredible Honey Bee and Humming Bird

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Have you ever photographed honey bees? They are quick and all business. A photo club member and I were given the opportunity of photographing honey bees from a husband and wife who raise honey bees. I'm not sure if that's the correct term for having bees and producing honey from them but it was a fun shoot. The husband is a member of our photo club and I believe his wife is the main bee person. Plus being a member of our Wallowa Valley Photo Club, they were generous in letting a few members loose among the flowers and their honey bees. 

My equipment was a DSLR Canon Rebel T6, Lens Canon Macro 100mm, bees too fast for a tripod. My shutter speed was on 1000, F Stop changed from 2.8 to 3.5 and I just tried to hold steady. I used auto focus. Got as close as I could and you want to put your camera on multiple successions when taking the photo. They move fast. Also learned something new as I usually shoot on manual, use you auto ISO. One less thing to worry about. These are my tips but I'm sure I'll have more the next time. Maybe you have some tips to share to. If so, fill out the form below. 

I don't know anything about honey bees and how they produce honey, so I did a little research and found ten facts to share with you from It's quite the process and the honey bees work very hard at it. So here are ten facts. There are more but I just high lighted ten so as not to be a term paper.



1. Bees may visit over 1000 flowers. I never even thought about how many they checked out. I also wonder do flowers run out of pollen? Almost sounds like a term paper.

2. The moisture content of nectar when reduced from 70% to 20% then becomes honey. 


3. Honey bees don't hibernate in the winter.

4. The hairs on the bee's body pick up pollen then in turn it helps flowers grow. Bet bees are music to the flower's ears. I'm sure they must hear them.

5. Honey production is the main job of the female worker bees. Talk about the power of a woman...


6. The hive population is made up of approximately ten percent of male honey bees. They eat the honey before leaving to mate.

7. Honey bees will keep producing honey until all cells are filled.

8. Honey is very long lasting once it's produced.

9. Honey bees feed the hatched larvae honey they have collected.

10. "Bee Bread" is when honey is mixed with the pollen. 


I almost feel like David Letterman. We all now know a little more about honey bees and how important it is to show them respect. So please don't sting me, I totally respect you and enjoy your hard work to make honey and the power of your pollination. Such a sweet delight for all of us. 


I took over 200 shots of bees with a trickle of hummingbirda who also enjoy the nectar of flowers. I'm sharing all I felt were good plus one that has a very soft focus but I like it. My eyes say its unfocused but there is something special about it. Now, that's my eyes, you may say, it's not focused and move on wondering about my eyes. 


humming bird

I can't forget to share about the humming birds flitting about the flowers. They are right there with the honey bees vying for nectar. I was sitting on the ground right in front of this fence waiting for one to find the pink flowers. The best shot I took was when it landed on this wire fence in front of the pink flowers. Guess what, I was just inches away from it and caught him or her while it was taking a little breather before it flits about again. I've never gotten this close or focused photo of a humming bird. As you know, they're very fast too.

I don't have these photos on my website. But if you're interested in one or more for your walls at home, please contact me. Rejuvenate your space with honey bees. Nature's natural self renewal in your home. 

If you ever get the chance to photograph life smaller than you, I'd say take the chance. Large or small or tiny, we are all amazing creatures.

WallArt for WellBeing,


Debbie L Lind, Photoartisan

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