Positioning Your Camera: Horizontal/ Landscape VS Vertical/ Portrait

Positioning Your Camera: Horizontal/Landscape VS Vertical/Portrait

Dear Picture Taker,

Positioning Your Camera:

You’re getting ready to take a picture. You’re holding your camera in your hands or maybe you’re a one hand camera holder. In a pinch, this is ok. When you take a picture, do you settle for the horizontal or landscape shot and think you’re done? You may be done, but what about shooting the same shot as vertical or portrait? Your subject could be a person or people, landscapes, animals or flowers. Whatever your subject, it’s your own, but how to make it more interesting is turning your camera vertical, recompose maybe, and shoot. Take a chance and time to take your picture as a horizontal and vertical. You may surprise yourself of your results. I try to do this often. Sometimes I forget and regret that I didn’t shoot my subject both horizontal and vertical. Doesn’t matter what camera you have, you can move it anyway you want. I even tilt mine  caddywompus (not spelling it right) sometimes just to be different, just to make my shot more interesting. We all want to take a perfect picture but sometimes we have to jump out of the safe box and choose the creative box. 

Maui sunset Horizontal       

  Camera Position Horizontal/       Camera Position Vertical/

 Landscape                                   Portrait

Above is an example of the same shot I took of a Maui sunset both horizontal and vertical. Do you like the horizontal best or the vertical the best? I like them both. They tell the same story a little differently and both have a happy ending.

I’ve written a few blogs already and have addressed them as Dear Photographer. As I continue to write my blog, some may feel they aren’t a photographer but they like to take pictures. Your confidence as a photographer will grow the more you discover your camera, take pictures, and learn more about the art of photography. I hope I can help you with this.  Let’s not let the word photographer scare you away from taking pictures, Picture Taker. I’ve been taking pictures since I was 15 when I received as a gift, a Kodak 110 pocket camera, and that was over 45 years ago. Didn't buy a 35mm until I was in my early 20's and didn't even get a digital camera until 2011. It’s only been the last 10ish years I’ve felt I can call myself a photographer. Do I take perfect pictures every time? Noooo! But in a bunch of photos I do take, I usually find at least one I like. More often than not, I may find none I like. 

By being in my photo club, reading books on photography, looking information up on the internet, and practice, practice, practice and photography courses or workshops, I keep learning more about photography. As much as I have learned, I continue to learn more. The cameras are going mirrorless. I’m not quite sure what it means or how they work, yet. Canon has made its last DSLR and moving onto mirrorless cameras. I’ll be keeping my Canon Rebel T6 for quite sometime. I just don’t have the finances to keep up. But someday, I’ll know more about mirrorless cameras. Maybe this is one subject I’ll talk about in my blog. 

Happy New Year! May 2022 bring you many memories you will capture with your camera and treasure a lifetime.


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