Vacation photos: Use your phone or take a real camera

Maui Sunset Taken with Canon T6
Maui Sunset Taken with my Canon T6

Dear Photographer,

When you prepare for your vacation, what do you do first? I start making a list. I make sure I have enough clothes for x amount of days and depending on where you go, do you take a coat? I usually over pack and this time I paid the price, literally. Other than having the right clothes, toiletries, money, travel arrangements set, what else is do you take to bring back your memories of your vacation? Do you think to take your camera? With the cell phones getting more and more efficient on taking quality photos, one would think your phone would be enough. Most of the time they are but most of the time I want my real camera to take serious photos. That's just me. My husband said this would be a good time, you think, to just take your phone. Yes, he's probably right but I couldn't, as a photographer, just use my phone for a camera. At least I only took one lens. Canon 24 to 105. It met pretty much all my needs.  

My family went on a trip to Maui. Yes, Hawaii in the winter just before Christmas. We were to take this trip last year to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary but we all know what happened last year. And this year we had to jump through some COVID loops to make it happen.

A vacation to Hawaii Sounds wonderful, right? It was for the most part. Sun, blue sky, warm ocean water, sand between my toes, lounging on the beach, be mesmerized by the ocean waves hitting the shore, sunsets, getting a little sunburn and I was in 80 degree weather for a few days, but we were also there for a historical moment. We got to experience a Kona Low. A what... First one in like never. We actually got chilled. This caused a tropical storm like you see on TV. The wind practically blowing the weather reporter's head off his or her shoulder's or going to get swept out to sea or under a bridge. Sirens going off on our TV and phone and we're kind of in a state of disbelief.  Our power went out in the early evening and didn't get turned on until the afternoon of the next day. My son-in-law made morning coffee on the propane BBQ. Gotta have the jo...

When daylight came, the ocean was stirred and not safe to swim in. No boogie boarding today. So we drove around the island and found other tourist things to do. The storm caused landslides, road closures, and limited where and what we could do, like check out the road to Hana. I couldn't wait to photograph the flower garden there but the storm ruined that opportunity. The rest of our Hawaiian vacation, along with many others, was rainy, chilly and a BIG BUMMER. We did manage to eek out a good time. But amidst all of the storm's destruction, I did shoot lots of photos. I used my Canon T6 most of the time but the conveyance of my phone camera, made for some video making and taking some great photos as well. I attached one of 3 sunsets I saw on my vacation. We were there 10 days. 

Vacation and taking a camera, whether it's your phone or a real camera, doesn't matter as long as you use it to bring home the memories of your vacation. I don't regret taking my Canon T6 and I'm glad I had my phone camera too. However, I did buy too much and was nailed a $50 fine/fee for my bag being too heavy. The price of vacations...

I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas and may the new year bring you good health and happiness.

Mele Kalikimaka,


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