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Dear Picture Taker,

While on vacation, there are many sites and memories to make and besides buying souvenirs and postcards we take pictures to prove we were there. We want to take photos of us in those remarkable places we may never go back to, but what about the things that don't smile. For instance, landscapes, plants, rocks, animals, flowers, stores, buildings, unusual culture we don't see at home that beg to be noticed. This week I'm sharing with you the fun I had with PALM FRONDS I photographed on my vacation to Maui in December. What are they? They are large leaves on a palm tree which you may already know. I thought I knew but when I looked it up, and I'd spelt fronds wrong. Wanted to spell it frawns and then it looked too much like fawn and thought, this doesn't look right. The red line under the word tells me so. Not only have we seen them in books, magazines, wall art, travel guides and such. It's nice to actually see them in real life and feel the tropical Zen.

 But now I am home and my Zen world is not tropical. Winter has me captured and during this time I took out my palm fronds to play with. This does help my Zen. 

I made 3 different designs on Palm 212 as each one I experimented with I liked, so why not keep them all?

See my designs below. As you look at my palm fronds, please let me know which one(s) are your favorites at debbie@dlindphotoartisan.us

1, 2, 3, say hi,


 Palm Fronds at play

Tropical Breeze Tropical Breeze

Palm 212 Choice 1 Palm 212 Choice 1

Palm 212 Choice 2Palm 212 Choice 2

Palm 212 Choice 3 Palm 212 Choice 3

Palm 161 Coral Palm 212 Coral

Heart of the Tropics

Heart of the Tropics Heart of the Tropics 







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