What Comes To Mind When I Say "Buckhorn"?

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My Photo Shoot to Buckhorn Tower Viewpoint

 A few members of my photo club, Wallowa Valley Photo Club, went on a photo shoot to Buckhorn Tower Viewpoint. A perfect day. The weather, the company, and the photo opportunity was great for my mental health. My happy place. Get in touch with nature, even without a camera.

 Vertical Buckhorn

Buckhorn is an area where a retired USFS tower was used to spot forest fires in the wilderness of Wallowa County. The snowy mountains in the background are the Seven Devils on the Idaho side. It was a grand trip to see breathtaking views of a canyon accented with deep crevices that take your breath away. From the tower or the edge of the canyon,  you can see the Snake River making its way to the ocean. The rain was heavy in 2022 and as a result, June landscapes were the greenest we'd ever seen in a long time.

What You See

There are walkways that take you around the area plus you can climb the tower, but not all the way up, the reward is a priceless view. Wildflowers were welcoming and we saw a couple wild mountain goats, but they were tiny white dots walking down and around the canyon. They reminded me of trying to photograph birds in the sky, just dots. There was a fire on Buckhorn in 1989 and the left the burned trees show like skeletons on the landscape. Very artsy skeletons I might add, to a photographer anyway.


Wild Clover

 Prepping for Visiting Buckhorn

If you should ever want to visit the Buckhorn Tower Viewpoint, make sure your gas tank is full, take plenty of water and snacks or a lunch. A warm jacket wouldn't hurt and good shoes. You never know, you may want to track the mountain goats. There is a clean outhouse, but you may want to slip in some toilet paper, just in case. Be careful taking selfies...know where you're backing up. Worth the time to see nature at her best.

WallArt for WellBeing


Debbie L Lind, Photoartisan


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