What Rang Debbie L Lind's Chimes to Become a Photographer?

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Dear Picture Taker,

When did taking pictures start ringing my chimes? What took me from there to here as a photographer? I hope you're interested in knowing as I have rambled on for a few weeks now in my blog and feel maybe you're interested in knowing how I became a photographer and why. I hope I don't sound blah, blah, blah but if you have any questions or comments, please let me know.


At 15 years old my older brother gave me a 110 Kodak pocket camera for my birthday. Do you remember them or ever had one? Maybe you have no idea what they are. That's ok. I'll tell you. They are a flat camera about the size of a small envelope. This will date me, but this was my first camera that started to twitter pate my interests in photography. I took it on a trip to Yellowstone and with this little pocket camera, burned many rolls of film. I was hooked. It was the latest update in a point and shoot camera and I'm grateful I had it.


Then I grew into my twenties got a job and saved enough money to buy my first 35mm camera. I chose an Olympus OM1n with the help of a friend of mine whose husband suggested I get a camera like his. I burned through hundreds of rolls of film. I read many photography books and took photography workshops through the years. I got married, we had two children a boy and a girl, and I started a photography business in the early 80's called Debbie Lee Photography. I photographed weddings, portraits, landscapes and a lot of pictures of my children growing up and many other subjects. Was I an expert in any of these, no. I'm a self-taught photographer and because I experimented and practiced I learned a lot from trial and error. I'm continue my education in photography by trial and error and my expertise is as a photographer is growing. 


Much later in time, I once shared with a friend I didn't want to do weddings or portraits anymore and she said well don't with a smile. There's money in it, but was too stressful for me. I respect the wedding photographers and glad there are photographers who enjoy doing them. I also respect surgeons who want to cut on people because I have no desire to do either. Did I make a lot of money? No, my expertise grew and I made my way forward, but no more weddings. I've always had a day job and being a photographer was a side gig.


Now marching onto the digital age and I've gotten more interesting…a few decades have passed.  First of all what does digital mean? What's a DSLR? And it costs how much! Truly, I didn't know if I'd ever buy one of these 21st century cameras. Time, money, raising kids, I had a real job and poof, I finally bought my first DSLR. DSLR means Digital Single Lens Reflex. Practice, practice, practice, studying photography books, workshops and more practice. This is how I eventually call myself a photographer but that's down the road a few years. If I knew in the beginning I wanted to be a photographer, I would have gone to a photography school. But I learned at the school of hard knocks. Now there are mirrorless cameras…that's another story. I don't when that will be my next camera.


It's only been the last 10 to 15 years I feel I can call myself a photographer. Even though, I don't know everything and not all my photos turn out. I show only the good ones. Taking pictures gives me pleasure, a since of wellbeing, it generates my creative spirit. I'm not a surgeon but I can help a soul by giving someone a beautiful flower that never dies, a dynamic landscape that never changes, and artwork that reaches inside the heart of someone else. With every photo I take, I want it to touch not only me but I hope it touches others. Maybe someone can't get to the water's edge, can't view a mountain or hear the rushing of a river. I want to bring that to him or her. What if just by looking at my photograph hanging on his or her wall, is all they need to enrich their wellbeing. What if a person never gets to visit Hawaii, but can be there by looking at the silhouette of palm trees in a sunset over the Pacific Ocean just by my photograph hanging on their wall. This is my purpose as a photographer. Since 2011 I started another photography business. I call it D. Lind, Photoartisan and I hope to bring my work to those who want and deserve to make a sanctuary for their soul. My sanctuary is looking through my viewfinder and  composing the next soul searching photograph.

 I've had my successes through the years but have I become rich and famous, no, but that's not why I'm a photographer.

Below are photos of a similar 110 camera I had and an Olympus OM1n I still have and I'm holding my Canon T6s DSLR in the photo of me. 

 110 Kodak  110 Kodak pocket camera, My first camera.

Olympus Olympus OM1n My First 35mm camera.

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Thank you,


CEO D.Lind, Photoartisan, LLC



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