Dear Picture Taker,

Setting up your composition before you click your picture, one more thought. How do you stand while you wait inline at the grocery store? How about when you’re waiting in line for the bathroom, us girls anyway, right? How about while you’re doing dishes? I never think much about how I stand until unless I’m in a hurry at the store or how bad I have to go the bathroom. Doing dishes just have to be done. When it comes to taking a photo, I’m aware of where I’m at (most of the time) and how I’m standing. I’m also thinking about my knees, ankles, and legs and how I put them where because they are not young anymore. One false move and POOF, I’m hurting and or bleeding. Oh, yes, standing back up can be a challenge but I put myself through this to get the best shot I can. 

You see a sunset and feel the need to take a photo of it. This happens to me a lot. You get your cell phone or a real camera out and start snapping. Sounds like the right thing to do and it is, but first I suggest you take note of how and where you are standing and how you're holding your camera. If you’re not using a tripod, your stance and how still you are can make the difference between a snap shot and photograph. Sometimes I plan to shoot a sunset and get there a little early to set up with my tripod. First step is to decide where you want to stand for your composition. Do you want any foreground? Do you want to keep the sunset in the landscape or the sky and clouds? What do you want in your photo? The trees, mountains, lake, river, or the roof top? What story do you want to tell? Size up your composition through your lens. Now how do you stand once you have your composition set up? It’s normal to stand at eye level and most of the time it works out but can be boring. But consider a more creative position for a more interesting story. Bend over, squat, get on your knees, stand on a rock (be careful), look under, lay down on your tummy, are all possibilities for a fantastic shot. There is always more than one way to take a picture. You then have created choices and in those choices you find Wha La, the best shot. I almost never just take one shot of anything. Even if it’s standing still. Try to take at least five shots and more if you want to. Go with the moment and get it out of you system. I usually walk away wanting to take more. Also, always try to shoot not only horizontal but vertical too. Should your shot be so fantastic you want to enter for a cover photo for a magazine, it is usually vertical position they want. If you only have one photo that turns out great from the 5, 10, 20 shots or more you take, that’s the PRIZE. My knees, ankles, and legs say Thank goodness, it was worth it.

1, 2, 3, say hi,


Debbie's stand position on BC Creek Bridge 

Debbie's stand on BC Creek Bridge

Debbie's stand shooting pond and landscape

Debbie setting her shot up of a pond and trees. 

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