Who Invented Photography?

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Dear Picture Taker,

 Who invented photography? Have you ever given this some thought? It wasn't Kodak for those of old enough to remember Kodak cameras and film. I can't be that old... Imagine the youth never seeing film much less realize what is was like using a film camera. So many of us come from the age of film cameras that is now just about in the history books or should I say ebooks. Digital cameras are all youth know about. I recently had an experience teaching a few youth about cameras and taking pictures. They didn't even know what the word film meant. Maybe that's almost like going from horses to cars. Film cameras are still out there but many of us have gone digital. A photograph using film is an art that will be read in history books.

 I never gave it much thought where photography got its foothold until I wanted to enlighten you with past photographers. I came across a man by the name of Joseph Nice`phore Nie`pce. He became known as  Nice`phore Nie`pce. Not sure how to pronounce his name. He was a French inventor and he is the one who is given credit in making the first photographic image. From 1813 to 1822, he did many experiments and succeed in creating heliography which is later called photography. From reading his story, I wasn't quite sure what he photographed but wanted to share with you where photography got its start.

 My information came from britanica.com regarding Nice`phore Nie`pce. There is more to his story if you're interested learning about his experimenting with photography and other interests he had. He did come from a rich family. Since then, we know any new invention is improved upon and as time passes. People tend to make the original invention better as time passes. We went form the quill of a feather to write to pencils, ink pens, markers and I may have missed something. This is called progress. I show Joseph Nice`phore Nie`pce photo below.

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