Your Camera Is A Tool Part 1

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Dear Picture Taker,

Your camera is a tool.

 When it comes to taking care of your camera, do you give it much thought until you need or want to use it? Do you say oh, I just grab it when I want to take a picture? Has it ever let you down because the battery was dead or your SD Card was full or both? Maybe you just can’t find it. These situations have happened to me. But it happens a lot less now. If we keep our camera action ready, it won’t let us down. Our camera is a tool and like most tools, we need to keep them in ship shape so when it’s time to use them, our project will be successful. We won’t valuable waist time trying to find our camera and be disappointed, if we do find it in time, that the batteries are dead or my SD card is full while the sun is going down creating the best sunset picture ever! I could almost say this in a panic mode and be hyperventilating at the same time.

Before we begin a project, we need to be sure our tools are in working order and we have what we need to begin, right? So here are a few steps to think about so your camera is ready when you are. When was the last time you checked your batteries to your camera? When was the last time you checked to see how much room was left on your SD CARD? If you use a flash that attaches to your camera, do you have batteries for it? Do you have batteries you can recharge for your camera and flash? Do you have extra charged batteries you can use while the dead batteries are recharging? Do you have another SD CARD that you have formatted and ready to use. It’s nice to switch out with the one loaded with pictures that you can download later. I have learned to have battery back ups for my camera and flash, and take extras with me. Also, I use rechargeable batteries for all my camera gear. I’ve learned to have extra, reformatted SD cards, my lenses are clean, that my camera is in my camera bag (yes, one time I didn’t even have my camera in my bag when I left home) Check your equipment often, especially if you know you’re going to use your camera the next day. Remember, if batteries are kept in your camera for a long, long, long, period, they could leak and could cause camera damage. A good thought is to put your camera back in its bag when done and put your bag back in the same place. I’m still working on this.

As an added note, digital cameras don’t like heat or cold. Sounds like me as a person. I’ll keep my camera tucked in my coat in the winter as I wonder around plus put some sort of cozy around it when I use it and I keep it out of the direct sun in the summer. Try not to leave it in a hot vehicle.

This is a photo of the kind of camera I use. A Canon T6 digital DSLR

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