Use 16 FREE Simple Steps to Handcraft A Sanctuary For Your Soul in Your Home or Office

How to Enter Your Home or Office and Come Out When the Tension in Your Body, Mind, and Spirit Are at an Even Keel and You Feel Like Yourself Once Again

While you’re at work, you’re attentive to your responsibilities as an employee and for the most part, enjoy your job. But where can you truly find your Zen? So, what is Zen you may ask? It's finding your peace of mind with meditation. You're working eight hours a day five days a week can make you feel like you spend more time at work than at home. And your responsibilities don’t stop there.

Woman looking stressed sitting in front of her computer.

 ~ You had a full day of demands, deadlines and answered to someone else’s wants and needs. Your day isn’t even done and you’re already making a list of what needs to happen tomorrow.

 ~ By the end of each work day, you drive home, park your car, and as you sit there a moment, you express a sigh of relief and say to yourself, “I’m home”.

 ~ You grab your purse, get out of the car, maybe grab a bag of groceries and make your way to the door.

 ~ You don’t realize how exhausted you are and brain dead until you step through the door and basically drop everything on the counter.

Where do you drop?

Where do you rejuvenate your mind, body, spirit, and soul without self-medicating or going to the bar? Where can you Zen out? Let me introduce you to a place I call a

Sanctuary for Your Soul 

How Do You Become Your Own Best Friend?

be your own best friend

 A Space to Love the One You’re with, This is You

Have you heard stress kills?

  • It causes many health issues physically and mentally.

Have you given thought of your mental wellbeing and how it affects your daily life?

Your mental health encompasses so much of your outlook on life.

"You're not being selfish to be your own best friend, to value yourself, and making it your goal to bring happiness into your life." ~Debbie L Lind


My FREE 16 Simple Steps
TO HANDCRAFT YOUR Sanctuary for Your Soul


Woman riding a bike across a bridge surrounded by green trees and plants.

Staying Healthy

Doctors have a long list of how we can stay healthy with a nutritious diet and regular exercise to help minimize stress.

Having a Sanctuary for Your Soul gives you the environment to breathe new life back into you. Read more in the link below.

"Downtime, self-renewal is priceless. You can't honor yourself  or others with an unfulfilled heart." ~Debbie L Lind


Being a Goddess? Yes, You

With the help of Google, I found a perfume commercial I remember seeing in 1980 where the jingle is “I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan and never let you forget you’re a man.” She smells good, all beautiful and flaunts she can still take care of her man after she’s been at work all day. I’m not joking, here’s the link

But what about her?

  • Let’s see, that was 1980. It’s 2022. Where is she now?
  • You are worthy to be the Goddess, even if it’s only for 30 minutes.
  • Give yourself permission because your mental health is begging you to.

Women with her legs in the waves on the beach.

"Take time to care for yourself to ignite your wellbeing." ~Debbie L Lind

Where is your retreat?

Have you heard of a place I call a Sanctuary for Your Soul? I have My FREE 16 Simple Steps To Handcraft a Sanctuary for Your Soul to renew a space in your home or a corner of your office that welcomes you to Zen out. 

Handcraft a Sanctuary for Your Soul, for the Goddess You Are!

I’m not talking about hiring a contractor to build you a She Shed. I’m talking about finding a room in your home, or a corner space in your office you can claim as your own. With My FREE 16 Simple Steps To Handcraft a Sanctuary for Your Soul , you can design your sanctuary for self-renewal after a long day on the job at home and/or a corner to escape from the 9 to 5 rat race . Not all days will drive you crazy, but hey, having time and a place to Zen out towards your wellbeing makes for a positive outlook, Right? Right!

My FREE 16 Simple Steps
TO HANDCRAFT YOUR Sanctuary for Your Soul


The Benefits of Your Sanctuary 

  • Once you have established your Sanctuary for Your Soul, you will be more inclined to use it.
  • Your ambiance silences the ringing of your phone, the voices in your head, and the interruptions that splinter your day.
  • You can actually shut the door, lay back in a cozy chair with your head resting on a pillow, shoes off, a soft blanket over you, and with your favorite music playing, close your eyes while your mind is melting away the 8 hours you left behind or after the To Do List is done.
  • The results will give you a healthy effect on your brain so you can think clearly for the rest of the day and a fresh start for the regimen you’ll do again tomorrow.

 "Making yourself a priority is not being greedy. You are being rejuvenated so you can be yourself." ~Debbie L Lind 

 You Can Use Nature, or Just Photos

Nature scenes are an unlikely friend in your daily life at home or in your office.

Connecting with nature whether in real time or scenes of nature in photographs, gives you the visual impression of nature that nourishes your brain and gives you self-renewal.

    Zen Out

     ~ Feel the earth under your feet while dreaming you’re wading along the shore of a crystal clear lake and the waves tickle your toes.

     ~ Imagine you hear the rush of water as the river travels to the ocean, but you’re afloat in your cozy chair.

     ~ Almost smell the fragrance of beautiful, brightly colored flowers and enjoy their beauty like your own garden, but they hang on your wall where the garden will always stay vibrant. No watering or weeding needed.

     ~ You can fantasize you’re on a tropical island feeling the sun kiss your body from head to toe and hear the sounds of the ocean without the price of an airplane ticket.

    "When you want to help everyone else, be sure not to forget to help yourself first." ~Debbie L Lind

      You are now a Goddess!


      My FREE16 Simple Steps
      TO HANDCRAFT YOUR Sanctuary for Your Soul


      How a Sanctuary for Your Soul loves you back

       ~ A Sanctuary for Your Soul will be your best friend.

       ~ You may say you don’t have the time or money, but -

      With My FREE 16 Simple Steps To Handcraft a Sanctuary for Your Soul and revitalize your space without knocking down a wall. Choose all the steps or only the ones that will work for you.

      "You may not always fit the round block into a square hole, forgive yourself, perfection is over rated." ~Debbie L Lind


      Step number 1 is Choosing Wall Art to adorn your Sanctuary for Your Soul and I can help you with this!

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      Room with a couch and photo print framed, hanging on the wall.

      Choosing Wall Art

      By selecting wall art first, it gives you the basics to find your theme, color palette, and the mood you want to convey.

      Choosing wall art that speaks to you, is where your serenity begins. It gives me great joy to know my wall art can make a positive impact in your life.  Being a photographer finds me in my happy place. With my camera in my hand, finding a subject that inspires me to click the shutter, processing my work, and have a beautiful piece, almost like magic, appear before my eyes, that’s the prize I have waiting for you. I create artwork for me and for you too.  My artwork plays a role in the art of healing. Viewing any art lowers your blood pressure.

      Shop for Wall Art 

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      Shop conveniently from your home for Wall Art in my gallery. Please email me with any questions

      Personal, free consulting from me to help choose what you’re looking for to handcraft your Sanctuary for Your Soul with purchase.

      Free shipping is my way of saying "Thank You" for your purchase.

      Interested in exploring your own Sanctuary?

       "Remember to be your own best friend, lift yourself up as you would for your true friends." ~Debbie L Lind

      How do you handcraft your Sanctuary for Your Soul, do you need just a hammer and nails? My FREE 16 Simple Steps To Handcraft a Sanctuary for Your Soul  will guide you on your journey. It'll be your own Yellow Brick Road.


      My FREE 16 Simple Steps
      TO HANDCRAFT YOUR Sanctuary for Your Soul


      Who is Debbie Lind

      • Debbie is a self-taught photographer for over 45 years and started her business D. Lind, Photoartisan, LLC in 2011.
      • She has received awards in her craft while she continues to grow as an artist. She has won best of show, first place, and people’s choice awards in gallery art shows.
      • Her photographs have been chosen to be in calendars in the State of Oregon.
      • She received an honorable mention in the 14th annual Pollux Awards Exhibition in Spain where her work was displayed in an art gallery show during the spring of 2020 with many other international artists.
      • Debbie co-curated a gallery show called “Nature in Abstract” in 2021 for a local gallery.
      • Debbie has been published in the February 2021 Artistonish magazine.
      • She lives in Northeastern Oregon with her husband and raised two children. Debbie recently retired as a public library director.
      • Debbie is a co-designer for an annual locally made calendar.
      • Debbie is her own biggest fan :)