Who Is Debbie Lind?

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Above photo taken of Debbie by Rick Sherry, used with permission.

Our Story

Inseparable Beginning

Debbie Lind and I have been inseparable since she was 15, when she received me as a gift. At first I was a 110 pocket camera. She took me to picnics, the ocean, family gatherings and Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park. It wasn’t long before I knew I’d be in her life forever. One day, after saving her money, she bought an Olympus OM1 35mm camera. Boy did she and I start having a blast! She fed me lots and lots of film. As we grew together, we started to take photography classes. Our pictures started to look like those we saw in magazines. Our favorite subjects were the ocean, people, people getting married, animals, birthday parties, and family events. We started to think about photography much more than a hobby.

The Digital Era

Over the years, Debbie has taken us to a new level I thought we’d never reach. She brought us into the digital era and I feel like we fell in love all over again. Once we have shot a palette of subjects, Debbie takes out my SD card, I like to call it my soul, and slips it into her computer. This is where her real talents emerge. Her technique has evolved so that working with me is just the first step; now she is ready to shine.
Debbie’s photographs have been in art shows and even won a few awards. Her photographs have been in calendars, telephone books, brochures, flyers, and she designs art cards that sell in stores and online. She enlarges photographs for people to take home and hang on their wall. People ask her to photograph their special events and their animals. We make frequent stops for mountains, lakes, shapes in the sky, sunsets, rivers, barns and just whatever inspires her at the time.

Debbie L Lind at an Art Show with her koi photo and fractal art.

A Story Behind Each Photo

I am thrilled and so proud of her.  Each photograph we take lives in our hearts and is given the deepest feelings and care one can have for something we love to do. There is a story behind each picture we take, and we want to share that story with you. Around every corner Debbie and I seek canvasses of adventure by reaching out into our world. She points me in many directions clicking the shutter while we try to find the right formula for each picture we shoot. We make a promise to ourselves that we will always strive to take our breath away.

Debbie's Favorite Photographs