Makana Maui Sunset

Makana Maui Sunset

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Makana (Gift) Maui Sunset

Sunsets are remarkable wherever you happen to be on the planet. Just have to be in the right place at the right time. My vacation goal to Maui was to come home with a tropical sunset and I'm so excited I was able to capture one! Tropical to me means palm trees and ocean waves. I found my spot with palm trees and got to the beach before the sun was going down. I had to be patient as it wasn't quite ready to do its magic, but when the sun started sizzling into the ocean, I was ready. Each drop of the sun created a different pose of the sunset. I took photos for a straight hour, at least, and feel my results were fantastic. I came home with shots of the sunset and named them Hawaiian names to give them the Hawaiian island spirit.


Debbie L. Lind